Photo Rejuvenation & Hair Removal (Intense Pulsed Light)

Photo rejuvenation can reduce the signs of aging and restore our skin to a more youthful appearance by treating sun damage, freckles, age spots, enlarged pores and redness, as well as birthmarks and uneven pigmentation. This is done by a non-invasive laser treatment that delivers pulses of light to the targeted areas of the skin.

There is no recovery time associated with this procedure and a very low risk of complications, giving it many advantages over microdermabrasion or chemical peels, several days of peeling. Patients will usually require several rejuvenation sessions, which take about 30 minutes each, in order to achieve their desired results. Age spots and freckles respond very quickly. Reds from rosacea usually take more sessions than when treating brown spots.

Safely and comfortably fade the appearance of skin imperfections caused by the sun, and uneven skin tones caused by brown and red areas. Helps with fine lines, reduces pore size, and improves skin texture as well. It is still considered the gold standard for treating the reds caused but Rosacea.

The areas most often treated are the face, chest and hands